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NOISE 2012



Tulane University, Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC), Stibbs Room


NOTE: Registration is required. Please see below for more details.

The 2012 New Orleans Invitational Seminar in Ethics (NOISE) is a one day meeting featuring discussion of new papers Dale Dorsey (Kansas), Sean Foran (BGSU), Daniel Jacobson (Michigan), David Lefkowitz (Richmond), and David Sobel (Nebraska).

Commentators and Discussants include Elizabeth Brake (Arizona State ), Eric Cave (Arkansas State), Justin D’Arms (Ohio State), Janice Dowell (Nebraska), Simon May (Virginia Tech), Jeff Moriarty (Bentley), Jonathan Quong (Manchester), Connie Rosati (Arizona), David Shoemaker (Tulane), and Steven Wall (Arizona).”

Registration is required. Papers will be assumed to have been read in advance in order to best facilitate discussion. Those interested in attending, and so getting copies of the papers in advance, should register by contacting the organizer, Professor David Shoemaker at

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