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Terrorism And Modernity

Alexander Demandt on “Terrorism — A Timeless Topic” and David Rapoport on “The Distinctive Features of Modern Terrorism from the 1880s to the 2020s(?)”

Alexander Demandt, Freie Universitat Berlin & David Rapoport, University of California, Los Angeles



Lavin-Bernick Center
Qatar Ballroom (Room 212)


Sponsored with the German Historical Institute Washington DC, the German Historical Institute London, the German Historical Institute Paris, the Foundation for German Humanities Institutes Abroad, and the Tulane University Department of History.

About the Speaker

One of the most distinguished public intellectuals and historians in Germany today, Alexander Demandt is Professor Emeritus at the Freie Universitat Berlin. Trained in ancient history, Professor Demandt has written on a diverse array of topics and periods throughout his career. His publications include Kleine Weltgeschichte (A Short History of the World), Das Ende der Weltreiche: Von den Persern bis zur Sowjetunion (The End of World Empires: From Persia to the Soviet Union), and a monograph on alternative history entitled History that Never Happened: A Treatise on the Question, What Would Have Happened If…?

David Rapoport is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UCLA and was a founder of the university’s Center for the Study of Religion. Among his many publications on the subject of terrorism is his influential essay The Four Waves of Modern Terrorism. Professor Rapoport is also the founding editor of the journal Terrorism and Political Violence and the editor of Terrorism: Critical Concepts in Political Science, a four volume series tracing the history of modern terrorism from the nineteenth century to the present.

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