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Reflections on Responsible Regulation Conference

This conference brings together scholars from across the country to address the nature and complexities of ‘responsible regulation.’ Our goals are to: (1) develop insights relevant to regulation in general, regardless of policy area; and (2) to facilitate a dialogue among scholars interested in regulation that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

Many ideas intended to be discussed at this conference have been compiled into a white paper series. These works-in-progress are intended to help facilitate conversation, and many are included below.

This Event is by Invitation Only



Hotel Intercontinental – 444 St. Charles Ave.
Vieux Carre Room A


Please review the white papers for this conference listed below:

About the Speaker

Conference Participants Include:

Hilary Allen, Loyola University, Law School
James Alm, Tulane University, Department of Economics
Adam Feibelman, Tulane University, Law School
Keith Finlay, Tulane University, Department of Economics
Robert Hockett, Cornell University, Law School
Kimberly Krawiec, Duke University, Law School
Thomas Lyon, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Naci Mocan, Louisiana State University, E.J. Ourso College of Business
Wallace Oates, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, Department of Economics
Saule Omarova, University of North Carolina, Law School
Steven Sheffrin, Tulane University, Murphy Institute
Jay Shimshack, Tulane University, Department of Economics
Paige Marta Skiba, Vanderbilt University, Law School
David Weil, Harvard University, Kennedy School and Boston University, School of Management
David Zaring, Legal Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

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