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Economics and Politics of Globalization: What Do We Know, and Not Know?

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Le MĂ©ridien New Orleans, 333 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA


In the past year, or so, we have witnessed the emergence of active public politics on a variety of aspects of globalization—in particular, immigration and trade (as embodied in large scale PTAs). There has also been concern with financialization and its link to globalization. Areas of particular concern are distributional issues and concerns about the sustainability of progressive welfare state policies. We hope to have papers presenting and reflecting on the state of our knowledge about the effects of globalization on transitional and long-run distributional effects of globalization, the fiscal and political sustainability of welfare state, and the way those effects are related to the politics of globalization.

About the Speaker

Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale)
Carl Davidson (MSU)
Joseph Francois (WTI)
Caroline Freund (PIIE)
Jeff Frieden (Harvard)
Bernard Hoekman (EUI)
Edward Mansfield (UPenn)
Douglas Nelson (Tulane)
Caglar Ozden (World Bank)
Justin Pierce (Federal Reserve)
Dennis Quinn (Georgetown)

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