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Brad Hooker, University of Reading

Center for Ethics and Public Affairs Faculty Seminar

"Fairness and Promises"

This Event is by Invitation Only



Tilton Hall
Room 307

About the Speaker

Brad Hooker is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Reading. He is author of Ideal Code, Real World: A Rule-consequentialist Theory of Morality (Oxford University Press, 2000) and editor of Rationality, Rules, and Utility (Westview Press, 1993) and Truth in Ethics (Blackwell Publishers, 1996). In addition, he is co-editor of Well-Being and Morality (Oxford University Press, 2000), Morality, Rules, and Consequences (Edinburgh University Press and Rowman and Littlefield, 2000), and Moral Particularism (Oxford University Press, 2000).

Professor Hooker has also published numerous articles in highly regarded academic journals, most of which cover various topics in moral philosophy. He is President of the British Philosophical Association, 2006-2009.

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