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PPE 2014

On Justice, the Family, and Public Policy

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InterContinental New Orleans


PPE conferences are small workshop-styled conferences. Papers presented at these conferences are slated for a special issue of the journal. Password protected drafts of papers are available for download below.


Ingvild Almås, Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Economics
“Fairness and Family Background”

Elizabeth Brake, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Arizona State University
“Fair care: Sharing out the Burdens and the Benefits of Caring Labor”

Gina Schouten, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Illinois State University
“Obstacles to Equality: A Stability Argument for Gender Egalitarian Political Interventions”

Ingrid Robeyns, Professor of Practical Philosophy, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
“Is Procreation Special?”

Serena Olsaretti, ICREA Research Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
“Children as Negative Externalities?”

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