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PPE 2007

On Philosophy and Economics

This Event is by Invitation Only



The PPE conference is an annual, by-invitation event organized by the editors of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Papers presented at this workshop styled conference are targeted for subsequent publication in the journal.

This year’s presenters are:

Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin at Madison
“Assessing Affirmative Action as a Public Policy”

Malgorzata Kurjanska and Mathias Risse, Harvard University
“Fairness in Trade II: Export Subsidies and the Fair Trade Movement”

Lewis Kornhauser, New York University
“Aggregate Rationality in Economics and Politics”

Jason Brennan, Brown University and David Schmidtz, University of Arizona
“The History of Economic Freedom”

Peter Vallentyne, University of Columbia-Missouri
“Brute Luck and Responsibility”

Sponsored by the Murphy Institute’s Center for Ethics and Public Affairs.

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