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Architecture’s Paradox of Value: Buildings, Ethics, and the Ecology of Wealth

Thomas Fisher, University of Minnesota



J. Herndon Thomson Hall
Room 201, School of Architecture, Richardson Memorial Building


The event is co-hosted by the Tulane School of Architecture and the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs | The Murphy Institute, Tulane University.

About the Speaker

Thomas Fisher is Dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota. Educated at Cornell University in architecture and Case Western Reserve University in intellectual history, he previously served as Editorial Director of Progressive Architecture magazine as well as in various roles in architectural firms and in state government. He has lectured or juried at 33 different schools of architecture and 57 professional societies and has published 6 book chapters and 195 major articles in various magazines and journals.

He is currently a co-editor of Architectural Research Quarterly, published by Cambridge University Press, and has published a book of essays on architectural practice with the University of Minnesota Press entitled In the Scheme of Things: Alternative Thinking on the Practice of Architecture. His forthcoming Salmela Architect will be published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2003.

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