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Paula Arce-Trigatti, Public Policy Working Group

Murphy Institute Post-doctoral Fellow

"Is There Choice in School Choice? Investigating Product Differentiation among New Orleans Charter Schools"

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201-Race Conference Room, Lavin-Bernick Center Uptown Campus


Meeting time is 12:00 – 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided. The meeting is open only to members of the Health Policy Working Group.

About the Speaker

Dr. Arce-Trigatti received her PhD in economics from the University of Houston in 2014. Her research interests broadly encompass public economics and labor economics, with a specialized interest in the economics of education. Her current research focuses on the relationship between state-level education policy and student outcomes. She is also interested in researching the economics of innovation with respect to education, as well as policies related to higher education.

Dr. Arce-Trigatti will be presenting on the degree of product differentiation among charter schools as charter schools compete for students within a choice-based system. This work is joint with Era-NO colleagues, Doug Harris, Huriya Jabbar, and Jane Lincove.

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