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2011-2012 Faculty Fellows Announced

The Murphy Institute’s Center for Ethics and Public Affairs is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Faculty Fellows.

These visiting colleagues will spend an academic year at Tulane, devoting most of their time to their own research projects which focus on ethics and public affairs. Our Faculty Fellows will also participate in the Center’s Faculty Seminar.

Hanoch Sheinman
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Rice University
Professor Sheinman will spend his fellowship year researching and writing “Discrimination and Expression,” a book devoted to expressive moral theories of discrimination, namely theories that evaluate discrimination — be it discriminatory acts, laws, or practices — in terms of expression or meaning.

Tamler Sommers
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of Houston
Professor Sommers will spend his time at the Center working on his research project “Removing the Blindfold from Lady Justice: A Partially Retributive Theory of Punishment.” The project develops a theory of why wrongdoers deserve to suffer that is grounded, in part, in the emotions and virtues of the people most closely connected to the offense.

Dana R. Villa
Packey J. Dee Professor of Political Science
University of Notre Dame
Professor Villa will devote his fellowship year to writing “Teachers of the People,” a book that will examine the idea of popular political education in Rousseau, Hegal, Tocqueville, Mill, and Marx.

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