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Hanoch Sheinman

2011-2012 CEPA Faculty Fellow

Hanoch Sheinman taught at Rice University and is currently Professor of Philosophy and Law at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He writes in normative ethics, philosophy of law, and legal theory (especially constitutional theory and contracts). Sheinman doctoral degrees are in philosophy (Princeton, 2006) and law (Yale, 2007).

He is the author most recently of the article “Act and Principle Contractualism” (Utilitas 2011) and the edited volume Promises and Agreements: Philosophical Essays (Oxford University Press, 2011). His monograph book Promise, Obligation, Agreement: An Essay in Social Philosophy is forthcoming in Oxford University Press. Also forthcoming are his papers “The Conventionality of Promising: A Defense” (Jurisprudence) and “The Social Diversity of Promises and Contracts” (Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Law). Professor Sheinman served as a law clerk for Justice Theodore Orr of the Supreme Court of Israel in 1993-94.