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Jonathan Riley

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M-F 1:00PM-5:00 PM

Jonathan Riley is Professor of Philosophy. His degrees include B.A. Honours (Queen’s at Kingston) and D.Phil. (Oxford). He has been awarded several fellowships, including a 2000-2001 Rockefeller Fellowship (Center for Human Values, Princeton) and a 2002-2003 NEH Fellowship (National Humanities Center).



  • Pluralistic Liberalisms: A Critical Perspective on Philosophical Liberalism Since Mill , In progress under contract. Expected completion date 2008.
  • Maximizing General Security: A Liberal Utilitarian Theory of Justice and Rights , In progress under contract with Oxford University Press, for inclusion in the Oxford Political Theory Series, edited by David Miller and Alan Ryan. Expected completion date 2007.
  • Mill’s Radical Liberalism , International Library of Philosophy Series. London: Routledge, forthcoming 2007.
  • J. S. Mill: On Liberty , Philosophy Guidebook Series. London: Routledge, 1998. Chinese edition to be published by Guangxi Normal University Publisher, trans. Xiangdong Xu.
  • Liberal Utilitarianism: Social Choice Theory and J.S. Mill’s Philosophy , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Edited Volumes

Journal Articles

Chapters in Books

  • “Racism, Blasphemy and Free Speech” , in C.L. Ten, ed., Mill’s On Liberty: A Critical Guide , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2007.
  • “Liberty” , in C. McKinnon, ed., Issues in Political Theory , Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2007.
  • “Justice as Higher Pleasure” , in P.J. Kelly and G. Varouxakis, eds., TBA Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2007.
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Reviews (Five Most Recent):

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