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Leif Wenar

2003-2004 CEPA Faculty Fellow

Leif Wenar is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. He earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Stanford University in 1987 and his doctorate in philosophy from Harvard University 1997. His interests are in moral, political and legal philosophy. His specialized research has focused on liberal political philosophy, especially the work of John Rawls, and on theories of private property.

Among his publications are “The Nature of Rights” Philosophy and Public Affairs (2005); “What We Owe to Distant Others” Politics, Philosophy and Economics (2003); “Legal Rights and Epistemic Rights” Analysis (2003); “The Legitimacy of Peoples” in Global Politics and Transnational Justice, ed. P. de Greiff and C. Cronin (MIT, 2002); “Contractualism and Global Economic Justice”Metaphilosophy (2001) ; and “Political Liberalism: An Internal Critique” Ethics (1995).

Professor Wenar is currently working on a book entitled “The Philosophy of Rights” for Oxford University Press.