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Martyn P. Thompson

Associate Professor of Political Science

Martyn P. Thompson

Tel 504.865.5166

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316 Norman Mayer Hall
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
Room 310

M-F 1:00PM-5:00 PM

Martyn P. Thompson is Associate Professor and Senior Political Theorist in the Department of Political Science. His main fields of interest are the history of political thought since the Renaissance, literature and politics, and contemporary German political philosophy.

Professor Thompson has two doctorates, the first from the London School of Economics, the second (the Habilitation) from Tuebingen University. He has been a faculty member in the universities of London, Cambridge and Tuebingen. His honors include a Fellow Commonership at Churchill College, Cambridge University; Fellowships at the Huntington Library and the William Andrews Clark Library in California; and honorary life membership of the R.G. Collingwood Society.

Professor Thompson founded the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des politischen Denkens in 1989. He was President of the International Conference for the Study of Political Thought from 1995 to 2002 and he is currently Vice President and President-Elect of the Michael Oakeshott Association.


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