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Mikhail Valdman

2010-2011 CEPA Faculty Fellow

Mikhail (Mike) Valdman is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Commonwealth University. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Rutgers University under the supervision of Larry Temkin. He works mainly in normative ethics and political philosophy. His current research interests are in autonomy, exploitation, and distributive justice.


  • “Outsourcing Self-Government,” Ethics 120, 4, July 2010: 761-90
  • “The Deep Problem with Voluntaristic Theories of Political Obligation,” American Philosophical Quarterly 47, 3, July 2010: 267-278.
  • “Autonomy, History, and the Origins of our Desires,” forthcoming in the Journal of Moral Philosophy.
  • “A Theory of Wrongful Exploitation,” Philosopher’s Imprint 9, 6, July 2009: 1-14.
  • “On the Morality of Guinea-Pig Recruitment,” Bioethics, published online Feb 16. 2009.
  • “Exploitation and Injustice,” Social Theory and Practice 34, 4, Oct 2008: 551-72.
  • “Respecting Persons, Respecting Preferences,” Utilitas 19-1, (Mar 2007): 21-46.