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Tamler Sommers

2011-2012 CEPA Faculty Fellow

Tamler Sommers is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston and earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Rice University in 2005. He is the author of two books, Relative Justice: Cultural Diversity, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility (Princeton University Press, 2011) and A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind the Curtain (McSweeney’s, 2009). The latter is a collection of interviews with philosophers and scientists working on issues in moral psychology. Recent publications include “Experimental Philosophy and Free Will” (Philosophy Compass), “The Two Faces of Revenge: Moral Responsibility and the Culture of Honor” (Biology and Philosophy), “More Work for Hard Incompatibilism” (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research), and “The Objective Attitude” (Philosophical Quarterly). Sommers also contributes regularly to the Times Literary Supplement and conducts interviews for The Believer.