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Workshop on Political Economy

Joint workshop between Tulane’s Department of Political Science and the Murphy Institute

The Political Science/Murphy Institute Workshop brings together scholars working in comparative and international political economy and human rights for an ongoing conversation about participants’ research agendas.

There are two meetings in an academic year, usually one in each semester. Each meeting features a paper by a guest speaker, comments on the paper by a Tulane faculty member discussant, and a Q&A session with the audience. The overarching purpose of the workshop is to enrich the intellectual climate for graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, advanced undergraduates and faculty in Political Science and the Murphy Institute, as well as other interested participants in the Tulane community.

February 20:
Matthew Winters (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) — Challenging Corruption in an Emerging Market Economy: When Will Brazilian Voters Act on Information About Corruption?

April 13:
Mark Blyth (Brown) — Whatever Happened to Europe? From Social Democratic Heartland to Heartless Creditors Paradise?