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CEPA Events

The Center for Ethics and Public Affairs regularly schedules lectures, which are free and open to the public. 

Faculty Seminars

Organized by David O'Brien, the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs Faculty Seminars are a series of workshops where CEPA Faculty Fellows and distinguished guest speakers present works in progress on ethics, political philosophy, political theory, moral psychology, the philosophy of law, and intellectual history.

Papers are distributed approximately one week beforehand to the participants who read the paper and prepare discussion questions for the presenter. Most of each session is devoted to the discussion of the paper.

The seminar is open to invited faculty and graduate students who work in the relevant fields.

PPE Conferences

The PPE Conference is an annual event organized by the editors of  Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Papers presented at this conference are targeted for subsequent publication in the journal.  Click to read articles in the journal. 

NOWAR Conferences

The New Orleans Workshop in Agency and Responsibility  is a workshop-styled conference  featuring the presentation of sophisticated original research on issues roughly captured under the label “agency and responsibility."

The Oxford University Press series Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility (edited by David Shoemaker) draws on presentations from this workshop. For more information on NOWAR, including upcoming workshops, please see Professor Shoemaker's personal website.

The Murphy Institute

Established in memory of Charles H. Murphy, Sr. (1870-1954), and inspired by the vision of Charles H. Murphy, Jr. (1920-2002), The Murphy Institute exists to help Tulane faculty and students understand economic, moral, and political problems we all face and think about. More important, it exists to help us understand how these problems have come to be so closely interconnected.