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S. M. Love is Assistant Professor of Philosophy with a joint appointment at the College of Law at Georgia State University and a 2021-2022 Faculty Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs.  Professor Love’s primary research interests are in political and legal theory, where she aims to show that Immanuel Kant’s theory of right has a great deal to offer to contemporary discussions of political and legal theory. In addition, Love also studies Karl Marx’s treatment of capitalism.

Jessica Flanigan is the Richard L.

Robin Hahnel is a professor emeritus of economics at American Univeristy. He has published several books on economics including Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation (Routledge 2005) and Of the People, By the People: The Case for a Participatory Economy (AK Press 2012).

Johann Frick is an Associate Professor at Princeton University and the Center for Human Values. His main interests span moral and political philosophy, practical reason, and applied ethics.

Kristin Voigt is an Assistant Professor, jointly appointed in the Institute for Health and Social Policy and the Department of Philosophy. Professor Voigt’s research focuses on egalitarian theories of distributive justice and the links between philosophy and social policy. Her recent and ongoing projects address issues such as conceptions and measures of health and health inequality; the use of incentives to improve health outcomes; (childhood) obesity; higher education policy; and smoking and tobacco control. She has published in top-rated journals s

Alex Guerrero is a Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University. Professor Guerrero works on a variety of topics in moral, legal, and political philosophy, and epistemology (particularly social epistemology). He is currently working on a book that argues that we should use lotteries, rather than elections, to select our political officials.

C. Thi Nguyen is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah. Professor Nguyen writes about trust, art, games, and communities. He is interested in the ways that our social structures and technologies shape how we think and what we value. Professor Nguyen has published in top-rated journals including Mind, the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, and Philosophical Studies.

Jennifer Morton is Presidential Penn Compact Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennslyvania. Her areas of research include philosophy of action, moral philosophy, philosophy of education, and political philosophy. Professor Morton is interested in how agents reason and act under conditions of adversity and in how educational institutions shape our agency.

Myisha Cherry is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. Her research interest lies at the intersection of moral psychology and social and political philosophy. More specifically she is interested in the role of emotions and attitudes in public life.

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Fabienne Peter is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick and a 2021-2022 Faculty Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs.