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Rebecca Tuvel is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Rhodes College. Rebecca Tuvel is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Rhodes, College in Memphis, TN. She specializes in Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race and Animal Ethics. She is currently writing a book on the ethics and metaphysics of transracialism. She earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University in 2014.

ABSTRACT: Anger is the most destructive emotion. But we live in an orgy of anger in which anger is normalized. I discuss some of the cultural variation in norms for anger, the philosophical implications of this variation, and some implication of using cross-cultural resources for ethics.

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Michael Munger is Professor of Political Science with secondary appointments in the of Economics and Public Policy at Duke University. He is also Director of the PPE Certificate Program at Duke.

Dr. Michael Breen is a lecturer in international relations at Dublin City University. His research is concerned with international political economy and the role of the International Monetary Fund in the global economy. He has published many articles on these topics, including recent articles in International Studies Quarterly, European Union Politics, and the European Journal of International Relations. He is the author of The Politics of IMF Lending (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

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Abstract provided by Professor Wellman: “I will argue that, absent special circumstances, there are no moral, judicial procedural rights. First I contend that punishing a criminal without first establishing her guilt via a fair trial does not necessarily violate her rights. Next I respond to a number of possible objections. And if time permits, I will consider the implications of my arguments for the human right to due process.”

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John M. Doris is Professor in the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program and the Philosophy Department at Washington University in Louis. He works at the intersection of intersection of psychology, cognitive science, and philosophical ethics, publishing papers in venues such as Bioethics, Cognition, Noûs, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, the Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science, and the Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy.