Nicholas Allmaier

Graduate Fellow 2023-2024

Caroline Arruda

Associate Professor, Murphy Institute and Department of Philosophy

David Barksdale

Member, Board of Directors

Jennifer Beers

Assistant Director, Center For Ethics

Bruce W. Brower

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ronna Burger

Professor of Philosophy

Kevin Callison

Assistant Professor of Global Health Management and Policy

C. Justin Cook

Director, M.A. Program in Political Economy

Brandon R. Davis

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Nicolas Day

Graduate Fellow 2023-2024

Celine Eschenbrenner

Graduate Fellow 2023-2024

Adam Feibelman

Director, Center on Law and the Economy

Amrita Gill

Graduate Fellow 2023-2024

Douglas N. Harris

Professor, Department Chair of Economics; Schlieder Foundation Chair in Public Education

Jennifer Hawkins

Faculty Fellow 2023-2024

Gary Hoover

Executive Director, The Murphy Institute

John Louis Howard

Associate Director, The Murphy Institute

James Konow

Faculty Fellow 2023-2024

Ann Lipton

Michael M. Fleishman Associate Professor in Business Law and Entrepreneurship

Martha W. Murphy

Member, Board of Directors

Douglas R. Nelson

Professor of Economics

David O'Brien

Assistant Professor, Murphy Institute and Department of Philosophy

Stan Nguyen Oklobdzija

Director of the Center for Public Policy Research

Mary K. Olson

Director, CPPR Health Policy Program