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Published each fall, The Exchange is The Murphy Institute's annual newsletter, featuring news and highlights from Murphy events, faculty, and students over the past year.

The Exchange 2023

Welcoming New Faculty and New Directions



The Exchange 2023


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The Murphy Institute organizes and sponsors a variety of events during the course of a typical academic year. We record our events so community members around the world can view the lectures.

Fall 2023 Yates Lecture: Kai Ryssdal


The Fall 2023 Yates Lecture featured Kai Ryssdal, the senior editor and host of American Public Media’s Marketplace, a nationally syndicated radio program dedicated to business and the economy that reaches over 11 million listeners each week on over 800 public radio stations. Mr. Ryssdal is also the co-host of the podcast Make Me Smart.




The books in the Studies In Political Economy series are occasional volumes sponsored by the Murphy Institute and Cambridge University Press, comprising original essays by leading scholars in the United States and other countries. Each volume considers one of the intellectual preoccupations or analytical procedures currently associated with the term “political economy.”

The goal of the series is to aid scholars and teachers committed to moving beyond the traditional boundaries of their disciplines in a common search for new insights and new ways of studying the political and economic realities of our time. The series is published with the support of the Tulane-Murphy Foundation.


The Boundaries of Economics book


The Boundaries of Economics

Gordon C. Winston and Richard F. Teichgraeber III

The Economic Limits to Modern Politics book


The Economic Limits to Modern Politics

John Dunn


The Culture of the Market book


The Culture of the Market: Historical Essays

Richard F. Teichgraeber III and Thomas L. Haskell


The Economic Realities of Political Reform book


The Economic Realities of Political Reform: Elections and the U.S. Senate

James L. Regens and Ronald Keith Gaddie

Constitutional Culture and Democratic Rule book


Constitutional Culture and Democratic Rule

John Ferejohn, Jack Rakove, and Jonathan Riley

Beyond Price: In Search of Cultural Value book


Beyond Price: In Search of Cultural Value

Michael Hutter and David Throsby