CEPA Seminar: Christie Hartley

Against Convergence Liberalism: A Feminist Critique

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Center for Ethics

Event Description

Christie Hartley, Professor of Philosophy at Georgia State University, specializes in social and political philosophy, ethics, and feminist philosophy.  In her research on justice for persons with disabilities, she has argued that contractualism can be inclusive of persons with impairments.  In connection with this, Professor Harley has defended a view of justice as a kind of reciprocity in social cooperation.  With Lori Watson, she developed and defended a view of political liberalism as feminist liberalism. Professors Hartley and Watson argue for a shared reasons view of public justification for certain principles and laws and discuss the extent to which political liberals must or can address a number of issues that are central to women’s equality, including the gendered division of labor.  They have published their research in a series of essays and articles, and in a book,  Equal Citizenship and Public Reason: A Feminist Political Liberalism (Oxford University Press, 2018).  


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