Law and Macroeconomics Conference Addresses Global Challenges

Tulane Law School and The Murphy Institute Center on Law and the Economy hosted the Sixth Conference on Law and Macroeconomics on November 2-3, 2023 to engage diverse perspectives on the relationship between law and macroeconomics. The Conference brought together scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss the latest developments in law and macroeconomics, with a particular focus on the challenges posed by the current global economic and political environment. The event was co-hosted by the Queen Mary University of London, Georgetown University Law Center, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale Law School.

The Conference responded, in part, to the dramatic increase in economic, financial, social, and political turmoil worldwide in the past year. Policy responses to price instability have in turn generated predictable but unforeseen collateral crises and vulnerabilities, including bank failures, asset market turmoil, and rising risks of domestic, regional, and global recession. Climate, public health, and migration challenges persist and continue to reflect vast economic disparities.

Event co-host and Sumter D. Marks Professor of Law, Adam Feibelman said these developments underscore the importance of research at the intersection of law and macroeconomics. The conference provided a forum for scholars to present their latest research on a variety of topics, including:

  • The impact of economic shocks on law and legal institutions 
  • The role of law in promoting macroeconomic stability 
  • The use of law to address climate change, public health, and migration 
  • The interaction of law and macroeconomics in developing countries

In addition to the academic program, the Conference featured a keynote address by Rhoda Weeks-Brown, General Counsel for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a leading scholar in the field of law and macroeconomics.

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Adam Feibelman and conference members