Ata Hindi

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

Center on Law and the Economy
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Weinmann Hall, 230C
Ata Hindi, Murphy Visiting Assistant Professor of Law


Ata Hindi the Murphy Visiting Assistant Professor of Law. He has served as a Research Fellow in International Law at the Birzeit University Institute of Law and as Assistant Editor to the Palestine Yearbook of International Law. He is completing his Ph.D. in Law at Tilburg University on the “Colonial and Imperial Legacies on the Laws of War.”​​​​​​ He has spent the large part of his career working on international law and human rights, particularly in the Arab World/Middle East and North Africa.


  • The Palestine Yearbook of International Law: A Medium for a Principled International Law on Palestine and the Palestinian People, Special 50th Anniv. Vol., NETH. Y.B. INT’L L. (2020). This T.M.C. Asser Institute volume compiles experiences and reflections editing international law yearbooks from around the world. I discuss my work with, and the history, development, function, impact, and future of, the Palestine Yearbook of International Law and its unique contributions to legal practice and scholarship over nearly four decades.
  • A Palestinian Perspective on Teaching International Law, TWAILR (THIRD WORLD APPROACHES INT’L L. REV.) REFLECTIONS. It reflects on the challenges of international law teaching in the Palestinian (and Arab) context. It highlights the challenges faced Palestinian teachers and students of international law encounter. It argues that teaching international law should, as a baseline, provide students the ability to operate as “textbook” international lawyers while fostering their ability and capacity to critique.
  • Andraz Zidar and Jean-Pierre Gauci eds., “The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law” and Some Thoughts on the Palestinian Legal Adviser, Vol. XXII PALESTINE Y.B. INT’L L. 2019-2020. Review essay on the text compiling experiences and reflections of legal advisers working on international law from around the world, discussing: international law’s colonial and imperial legacies and its impact on the volume; the shortcomings of more diverse geographic and thematic contributions; and the interplay between law and politics. It then provides some perspective of the roles and responsibilities of Palestinian legal advisers working on international law in various portfolios.

Education & Affiliations

  • B.A., Rutgers University-Newark
  • M.S., Rutgers University-Newark
  • Advanced LL.M., Leiden University
  • J.D., Emory University School of Law
  • Ph.D Candidate, Tilburg Law School