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Jill Locke
  • 2006-2007 CEPA Faculty Fellow


Jill Locke is Associate Professor of Political Science at Gustavus Adolphus College. She earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from Rutgers University in 2001, and was a recipient of a Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in 1999-2000. Professor Locke’s publications include “Shame and the Future of Feminism,” forthcoming from Hypatia (Special Issue on Feminist Theory and Democratic Thought), as well as articles and reviews in Political Theory, American Political Science Review, Theory and Event, and two edited volumes. She is a contributing editor of Feminist Interpretations of Alexis de Tocqueville (expected publication in 2008, Pennsylvania State University Press Re-Reading the Canon Series).


Edited Volumes:

  • Feminist Interpretations of Alexis de Tocqueville, edited by Jill Locke. Pennsylvania State University Press, Re-reading the Canon Series, edited by Nancy Tuana. Expected publication date, 2007.

Articles/chapters In Books/Reviews:

The Murphy Institute

Established in memory of Charles H. Murphy, Sr. (1870-1954), and inspired by the vision of Charles H. Murphy, Jr. (1920-2002), The Murphy Institute exists to help Tulane faculty and students understand economic, moral, and political problems we all face and think about. More important, it exists to help us understand how these problems have come to be so closely interconnected.