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Murphy Institute People

Shane Gassaway
  • Graduate Fellow 2011-2012


Shane Gassaway received a B.A. in the Liberal Arts from St. John’s College (Santa Fe) in 2006 and an M.A. in Philosophy from Tulane University in 2010. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Philosophy. Shane’s main research interests lie in Ancient Political Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, Ancient and Modern. He is writing his dissertation, “Socratic Citizenship and the Political Art” under the supervision of Professor Ronna Burger. His dissertation is an interpretation of Socratic political philosophy as presented by Plato in the Cleitophon and by Xenophon in the Memorabilia. It focuses on the unfulfilled promise that Socrates’ political philosophy furnishes general guidance for political life, and shows the ways in which the fulfillment of that promise would not be good for the philosopher and might be bad for the political community.

The Murphy Institute

Established in memory of Charles H. Murphy, Sr. (1870-1954), and inspired by the vision of Charles H. Murphy, Jr. (1920-2002), The Murphy Institute exists to help Tulane faculty and students understand economic, moral, and political problems we all face and think about. More important, it exists to help us understand how these problems have come to be so closely interconnected.