International Perspectives Track

Courses in this concentration allow majors to explore interconnections among international, national, and sub-national political economies—a phenomenon currently known as “globalization.” Majors who choose this concentration will develop a better understanding of globalization, the links between globalization and national outcomes, and the institutions that attempt to manage international economic affairs.


Two of the following:


  • 3020 Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • 3340 Government in the Economy
  • 3370 World Economy
  • 3540 Development Economics
  • 4330 International Trading Relations
  • 3970/3980 Special Studies in Economics


Three of the following:


  • 3330 Environment and Natural Resources


  • 6510 Theories of Economic Justice

Political Economy

  • 4970/4980 Special Topics in Political Economy

Political Science

  • 3410 Politics and Nationalism
  • 3540 International Political Economy
  • 4030 Comparative Political Economy of the Welfare State
  • 4620 Global Environmental Politics