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See what's new in The Exchange 2023 newsletter

The Exchange 2023

In this issue of The Exchange, we celebrate 2023’s graduating class of undergraduate political economy majors and spotlight alumni making valuable contributions. We welcome five pathbreaking scholars as new Murphy Institute faculty in the areas of philosophy, political science, and law.

The Exchange is The Murphy Institute's annual newsletter, featuring news and highlights from events, faculty, and students over the past year. In this issue, we welcome five faculty members from the fields of philosophy, political science, and law. In addition, we explore the relationship between political economy and the law by highlighting three alumni of our undergraduate major who are making valuable contributions at the highest levels in the field of law. Further, we celebrate the honors, awards and publications of the Institute’s affiliated faculty, share details of our conferences, workshops and seminars, and introduce you to the Center for Ethics’ Faculty Fellows, who spent a year in residence conducting research.