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Shyam Nair is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Arizona State University and a 2019-2020 Center for Ethics and Public Affairs Faculty Fellow. Professor Nair's research concerns issues at the intersection of ethics (especially normative ethics, practical reason, and metaethics), epistemology, and philosophical logic.  His publications appear in top tier journals, including Philosophical Studies, Mind, and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Benjamin Rossi is a 2019-2020 Center for Ethics and Public Affairs Faculty Fellow at the Murphy Insitute. He was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor at Miami University of Ohio. Professor Rossi specializes in ethics, with a particular focus on meta-normativity, and has additional interests in the philosophy of law, free will and moral responsibility, the ethics of blame, and political philosophy.

Amandine Catala is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Canada Research Chair on Epistemic Injustice and Agency at University of Quebec at Montreal and a 2019-2020 Center for Ethics Faculty Fellow at the Murphy Institute.

This lecture, and the reception to follow, is free and open to the public. 

Lecture Abstract provided by Professor Cushman:

Shelly Kagan is the Clark Professor of Philosophy at Yale University. Professor Kagan’s primary research interests are in moral, social, and political philosophy, with a particular emphasis on the normative ethical debate between consequentialist and deontological moral theories.

Thomas Merrill is Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Associate Director of the Political Theory Institute at American University. Professor Merrill is the author of Hume and the Politics of Enlightenment (Cambridge, 2015), which won the 2014 Delba Winthrop Prize for Best Recent Work in Political Philosophy.

Japa Pallikkathayil is Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Pittsburgh. Professor Pallikkathayil's primary research interests lie at the intersection of moral and political philosophy and include such topics as coercion, deception, and exploitation. Her scholarly articles have appeared in leading philosophy journals, including Ethics, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, and Philosophy and Public Affairs. Professor Pallikkathayil received her PhD from Harvard University in 2008.

Hille Paakkunainen is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Syracuse University. Professor Paakkunainen's primary research interests include metaethics, epistemology, and philosophy of action. She co-edited (with Keiran Setiya) Internal Reasons: Contemporary Readings (Cambridge UP, 2012), and her scholarly articles have appeared in Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Routledge Handbook of Metaethics, and Metaepistemology, among other venues.

Bart Wilson is the Donald P. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Economics and Law and Director of the Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy at Chapman University. Professor Wilson's research uses experimental economics to explore the foundations of exchange and specialization and the origins of property. Another of his research programs compares decision making in humans, apes, and monkeys.

Derek Baker is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Lingnan University. Professor Baker’s primary research interests include metaethics, self-knowledge, practical reason, and autonomy. His scholarly articles have been featured in many leading philosophy journals, including Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Synthese, Ethics, and Philosophical Studies. Professor Baker received his PhD from Princeton University in 2009.