Center for Ethics-Philosophy Faculty Seminar: Geoff Sayre-McCord

Center for Ethics Faculty Seminar series

Director, UNC Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program

Lavin Bernick Center (LBC)
Stibbs Room
Sponsored by:
The Murphy Institute
Center for Ethics

Event Description

Organized by the Tulane Philosophy Department, these seminars are a series of workshops where Center for Ethics Faculty Fellows and distinguished guest speakers present works in progress on ethics, political philosophy, political theory, moral psychology, the philosophy of law, and intellectual history. Papers are distributed one week beforehand to the participants who read the paper and prepare discussion questions for the presenter.

Geoff Sayre-McCord is the Director of UNC’s Philosophy, Politics, & Economics Program. He is also the Founding Director of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society, an international scholarly society for those interested in the issues that arise at the intersection of the three disciplines in the Society’s name. Sayre-McCord has published extensively on moral theory, epistemology, and modern philosophy, and has edited Essays on Moral Realism, Hume: Moral Philosophy, and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (with Jonathan Anomaly, Geoff Brennan, and Michael Munger). Recently, Sayre-McCord’s research has focused on the nature of normative concepts.

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