CEPA Seminar: Carmen Pavel

CEPA Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Kings College, London

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Center for Ethics

Event Description

Carmen Pavel is Associate Professor (Reader) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Kings College, London, and a 2022 – 2023 Faculty Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs. Professor Pavel’s research primarily focuses on international justice and international law, liberal theory and contemporary changes to it, and ethics and public policy. 

Pavel’s first book, Divided Sovereignty, was published by Oxford University Press in 2015 and examines how to constrain states that commit severe abuses against their own citizens. Dr. Pavel’s latest book with Oxford University Press (2021), Law Beyond the Sate: Dynamic Coordination, State Consent and Binding International Law, examines under what conditions international law is compatible with the sovereignty claims of constitutional democracies. Professor Pavel published work has appeared in journals such as Law and Philosophy, Political Theory, Political Studies, Economics and Philosophy, and Ratio Juris.  

Professor Pavel is also an editor of the Oxford University Press Philosophy, Politics, and Economics book series and is an associate editor of the Social Philosophy and Policy journal.

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