CEPA Seminar: Mark LeBar

Bastiat’s Reply to Marx

CEPA Faculty Fellow and Professor of Philosophy, University of Florida

Rogers Chapel
Seminar Room
Sponsored by:
Center for Ethics

Event Description

Mark LeBar is a Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University and a 2022-2023 Faculty Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs. Professor LeBar’s primary research interests are in moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, and ancient Greek philosophy.

Professor LeBar’s first book, The Value of Living Well, was published by Oxford University Press in 2013. This book attempts to bring eudaimonism into dialogue with contemporary philosophical work in ethical theory. Professor LeBar co-edited Equality and Public Policy, published by Cambridge University Press in 2015. He also edited Justice, published by Oxford University Press in 2018, which provides a multi-disciplinary examination of justice in character, from scholars in philosophy, law, biology, and social science.

Professor LeBar is the Editor of Social Theory and Practice, and his publications have appeared in journals such as Ethics, Philosophical Studies, and Philosophical Quarterly.

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