Murphy-Economics Seminar: Jason Abrevaya

The Murphy Institute Economics Seminar series

Professor of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin

Tilton Hall
Room 305
Sponsored by:
The Murphy Institute

Event Description

Each semester The Murphy Institute sponsors a series of seminars organized by the Tulane Department of Economics that provides an opportunity for faculty, researchers, and economists to present their latest research and pressing issues related to topics in economics.

Jason Abrevaya, the Murray S. Johnson Chair in Economics at the University of Texas at Austin, is an economist whose research focuses on econometric methodology and applied microeconomic research, with an emphasis on health economics and public-health issues. His work has utilized large-scale birth databases within the United States to research topics including birthweight inequality, the effects of smoking upon birth outcomes, and the practice of gender selection among specific ethnic groups. Dr. Abrevaya is the author of the book Probability and Statistics for Economics and Business: An Introduction Using R.

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