Murphy-Economics Seminar: Petra Todd

The Murphy Institute Economics Seminar series

Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania

Tilton Hall
Room 305
Sponsored by:
The Murphy Institute

Event Description

Each semester The Murphy Institute sponsors a series of seminars hosted by the Tulane Department of Economics that provides an opportunity for faculty, researchers, and economists to present their latest research and pressing issues related to topics in economics.

Petra Todd is the Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Her main fields of research are social program evaluation, labor economics, and microeconometrics. She has published papers on econometric methods for evaluating the effects of program/policy interventions, the determinants of cognitive achievement, testing for discrimination in motor vehicle searches, sources of racial and gender labor market disparities, pension program design and on conditional cash transfer programs. She is currently working on projects analyzing the effects of personality traits on gender labor market disparities, evaluating the effects of grade retention in Portugal, analyzing the effects of local minimum wage policies in the US, and analyzing the effects of a nationwide preschool reform in Mexico. She also serves on the editorial board of the International Economic Review and the Econometrics Journal.

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