PPE 2003

On Philosophy, Economics, and Evolution

Uptown Campus
Diboll Conference Center
Sponsored by:
Center for Ethics

Event Description

The PPE conference is an annual, by-invitation event organized by the editors of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Papers presented at this workshop styled conference are targeted for subsequent publication in the journal. Participants may access password protected drafts of papers below.

This year’s presenters are:

  • Ken Binmore, University College, London
    “Natural Justice”
  • Geoffrey Hodgson, University of Hertfordshire
    “Social Darwinism in Anglophone America”
  • Dennis Mueller, University of Vienna
    “Models of Man: Neoclassical, Behavioral, Evolutionary”
  • Alexander Rosenberg, Duke University
    “On the Priority of Intellectual Property Rights, Especially in Biotechnology”
  • Michael Ruse, Florida State University
    “Is Darwinian Metaethics Possible (and if it is, is it well taken)”

Sponsored by The Center for Ethics and Public Affairs

Admission Information

By Invitation Only